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PM1155 – Saving those Hidden Costs

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

Rob White owner driver and proprietor of Rowen Bulk Services reckons that in over four years of hauling grain and aggregates across southern England, the fitting of Vishay PM Onboard equipment has saved him into the £000s in otherwise hidden costs.
That he has Vishay PM Onboard weighing equipment fitted to his 44tonne tipper means that Rob doesn’t run light. He can load up to the legal maximum first time, every time. And in doing so, he avoids the irksome time wasting associated with sometimes repeated trips to the site/quarry weighbridge, rejoining the queue after adding/discharging payload to be sure of being spot on.
To boot, he has no fear of his vehicle being overloaded, so reducing the chance of him incurring the swingeing fines that can apply to those who might push the boundaries just that little bit too far.
Although he has insisted that each vehicle he has operated be fitted with Vishay PM equipment, Rob sings the praises of the PM1155 indicator, launched this year and fitted to his truck. It supersedes the PM1100 and 1150 indicators fitted to his previous vehicles, the 1155 fitting neatly into the DIN (radio) slot on the dash. Consequently, says Rob, its a much neater, cleaner installation…..and its so much easier to use/navigate. ‘Individual axle loadings and gross vehicle weight readings are available simply at the touch of a button.’ Rob also likes the comfort of the inclinometer. It flags up ground level problems that might otherwise give rise to instability when tipping.
By the time he moves his current vehicle on, in five years time, he reckons his current PM equipment will not only have paid for itself many times over, but the fact that Vishay PM Onboard equipment is fitted could also be reflected in a higher residual value or, at the very least, make his vehicle that much more attractive to a likely buyer.
Operating out of Lasham, Hants, Rob pilots a 6×2 Volvo FH13 480bhp tractor coupled to a 65yd3 bulk tipping trailer. The outfit is plated to the legal maximum, handles a full 29tonne payload and covers around 120,000km a year.

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