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The pneumatic Pinch Valve type VMP-Compact

Friday, November 23rd, 2007

AKO UK are introducing the new VMP Screwed Valve Range onto the market, which will eventually replace the ball Valve; the new type valve has all the benefits of a Pinch Valve only now more efficient.
The new VMP Valve will compete commercially with the Ball Valve as the advantages and upgraded technology have substantially exceeded the Ball Valve.
Technically, the pinch valve has always been superior and now it makes commercial sense as well.
The VMP Valve applications still cover ALL conveying systems, venting dosing, filling, weighing and even toilet systems.
The new VMP Pinch Valves have sizing ranging from 10mm to 50mm and of course if your requirements are to have a bigger sized Valve, the existing Pinch Valves are available in sizes 10mm to 250mm.
Companies that have used the Ball Valve usually steer away from using new type Valves as they either do not have the time in their busy environment or find the Ball Valve has been doing an acceptable job, therefore have no reason to change. Luckily the new VMP Pinch Valve will prove to have a better working advantage due to its reduced face to face length, ensuring that less blockages are caused and the flow more manageable. The VMP Valve can also be installed very quickly without any fuss, the reason for this is there are no mechanical parts and there are included instructions made for quick and easy installation.
“Technically, the pinch valve has always been superior and now it makes commercial sense as well.”
The new VMP Valve is available in black and white food quality POM. The range of sleeves includes, Natural Rubber (High temperature if required), Natural Rubber Food Quality (FDA Approved), Neoprene, EPDM, Viton, Silicon, Nitrile, Hypalon and Butyl. The sleeves for the new VMP Valve are interchangeable with our VM range.
Improvements with the shape of the VMP Valve, along with simple and clear instructions complete with photos allow users of the AKO Pinch Valve to complete re-sleeves in literally a couple of minutes. Only replacing the sleeve and saving on all this time means a fraction of the maintenance cost compared with other valves on the market.
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