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Thursday, November 29th, 2007

What do customers want when navigating the internet pages of various companies?
A simple, coherent navigation, a speedy manner in establishing contact when problems occur, an accurate as well as a specific search and the quick finding of information. Of course should the contents be presented in a graphically appealing layout.
FRITSCH – Manufacturers of Laboratory Instruments considered these guidelines and successfully implemented them and is now online with a more than successful re-launch of their internet presence:
Contents of the previous internet presence were adapted, edited as well as supplemented as necessary. Besides these basic components some interactive elements were added, which convey technical information in a visually pleasing manner. For example the premium line: When moving the cursor across diverse parts of the mill, control elements are activated and detailed information becomes visible.
With the new internet presentation it is even simpler for customers to contact FRITSCH and access information quicker and more specific. A clear structure was of course another important factor considered during the design, and this starts already on the first page: In order to simplify the search for FRITSCH-instruments the internet presence was split in two areas: Sample preparation: http://www.fritsch.de/en/sample-preparation.html and particle sizing: http://www.fritsch-laser.com.
The “Solutions” page is a complete new feature and includes the familiar FRITSCH-reports, but now divided into the corresponding industries. The “Product Finder” makes it easier for customers searching for products. All pages of the new presence include corresponding structured service elements: On the most important pages – the product pages – it is for visitors simpler to select products as well as the matching accessories.
A special highlight is the redone and improved grinding report data base: In decades gained experience is available now on a virtual basis, because almost no material exists that has not been processed with FRITSCH-instruments. Whether it is standard samples, exotic nuts and spices or even meteorites – fast and systematic over 2000 different grinding reports are available in English or German: With one “click” the reports divided in several steps become visible. The most important parameters are available at one glance and a link leads exactly to the instrument corresponding with the application. Of course are all reports available as a download. With the extended search function, it is possible like before, to search for materials by name and now additionally search for “similar materials”. A search function in a selection of industries or related industries is also possible. Of course the search can be generated through one of the instruments.
Judging by the positive feedback of the visitors, FRITSCH succeeded in presenting its instruments for sample preparation and particle sizing and the corresponding information effective, attractive and interesting in the World Wide Web.

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