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Global brand unification

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Companhia Vale do Rio Doce (Vale, ex CVRD) hereby informs that from now on it starts using just one global brand, Vale, in all countries where it operates and, at the same time, adopts a new global visual identity.
The use of the name Vale and the new logo communicates the evolution, diversification and growth of the company in the past years, which transformed us into a global mining company with a diversified portfolio of products that are present and essential in people’s lives.
We believe that this single identity strategy, with an estimated project cost of US$ 59 million, will bring the benefit of unifying and enhancing the efforts made towards the management of our image. As a result, we will optimize our capacity to attract qualified professionals and business partners, as well as to obtain permits for our operations from communities and regulatory entities. All of that, consequently, will improve our operations and the projects implementation process.
Our commercial and exploration offices will also have their names and brand changed, as well as some of our operations, such as CVRD Inco, the company that manages our nickel operations, which will now be called and branded Vale Inco. Moreover, there will be no name or brand changes for affiliated companies and there will be no change on the Company´s legal name.
With Vale´s new brand, we also reinforce our commitment with the generation of value, keeping our focus on sustainability and respect for life.
Additional information about our branding project is available at our new website

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