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Achieving in increased result

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

Envision everything that made the original so good, and then do it even better with advanced technology. Not only does Sandvik envision and continuously update its loader concept; Sandvik also continues to explore a new expression of the Sandvik Brand. The result is a premium quality LHD line enhanced by maintenance optimization, increased profitability and productivity.
Sandvik’s new loader line is created to remove ore from the mine productively, safely and profitably. As all leading-edge Sandvik machines, the new loader line is created to fulfill customers needs in the world of loading and hauling – targeting maximum capacity as well as optimum envelope size to be able to ensure efficient processes everywhere in the mine. The sleek and productive Sandvik underground hard rock mining loaders which replace the popular Toro and EJC brands, include a host of reliability and durability updates as well as improved serviceability, safety, and operator comfort features.The updated design addresses every key customer request taken from the company’s Global Customer Roundtable.
The LHDs will allow large underground hard rock mining customers to maximize uptime and, thus, productivity by focusing on improving reliability on key systems – notably, electrics and hydraulics.
Exceeding the expectations
With this redesign of loaders every engineering platform is defined and challenged to take it to the next level. Incorporating all new features throughout, there is certainly truth in that statement. New Electrical System utilizing advanced technology ensures that LHDs technical and performance features work well synchronized, thanks to Controller Area Network architecture (CAN) for optimizing the electronic information flow between the various LHD sub-systems.
The control system also enables constant monitoring of the health of the machine, allowing the operator to concentrate on production and simplifying troubleshooting for service technicians during maintenance and diagnostics. With fewer mechanical components, (such as relays) to maintain, the system is much more reliable than conventional systems.
Fittingly, the redesigned operator cabin is a showcase of utilizing advanced technology in operator interface for combined refinement, comfort and safety. The cabin has easier access and improved visibility with improved sound insulation, efficient air-conditioning and low frequency seat suspension for the operator’s comfort. In addition, a redesigned dash area features controls that are better positioned for operator use. Gauges and meters have been combined into one LCD display.
The ease of use is unparalleled as the hydraulic and electrical systems are common throughout the LHD line making it easier for mechanics, operators and trainers alike should the mine have different sized units.
Improved cooling ensures higher ambient temperature capabilities, and longer component life. The machines also feature Load-Sensing Hydraulics system that delivers oil to the various components at the right pressure, and only when needed, reducing wear on the entire hydraulic system and improving system reliability. With a load sensing hydraulic system the engine also consumes less fuel. The system is further improved with a separate tank for brake cooling keeping the main hydraulics oil clean and thus extending the oil change interval.
Sandvik loaders are now available with a considerably extended bucket life by means of the Sandvik Ground Engaging Tool (GET) system. This system also allows for fast renewal of the bolt-on wear parts without removing the bucket.
The Sandvik LHD line is engineered to provide secure loading with safety being the first priority.All daily maintenance points are accessible from ground level to reduce slips and falls. For preventative maintenance tasks, there are engineered access systems around the unit to allow safe access to the top of the machine. More importantly, certified fire suppression systems are installed to further protect people and property. The Sandvik LHDs are a powerhouse line with cutting-edge technology and top performance made to exceed your expectations.
Sandvik LHD Lines’ Unbeatable Improvements and Tech Features:
• Electric Control System: onboard diagnostics and troubleshooting for reduced downtime based on CAN bus technology as well as simplified user interface by use of interactive display
• Advanced electrical system: wiring harnesses with Deutsch DT connectors for increased reliability and ease of service
• Redesigned Operator Cabin: easier access, improved visibility, efficient air conditioning, lower noise level,
• Unified systems: joint electric and hydraulic systems throughout the line for ease of maintenance.
• Improved Cooling – higher ambient temperature capabilities, longer component life.
• Load-Sensing Hydraulic System: reliable piston pump delivers power only where and when needed – more power but still less wear on the entire system.
• Stronger Bucket with an extensive, long bucket life.
• Safety being the first priority in engineering: ground level daily maintenance, three point mounting and dismounting, fall protection systems, fire prevention.
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