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Anglo American and Gedex Form Strategic Alliance

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

Gedex, a private Canadian corporation, and Anglo American plc are pleased to announce they have established a multi year strategic alliance aimed at developing and exploiting Gedex’s next generation resource exploration system.
The new proprietary multi-axis Gedex High Definition Airborne Gravity Gradiometer (HD-AGG(TM)), which is expected to be a breakthrough airborne survey technology, is already gaining international recognition from major resource companies seeking enhanced refinement and effectiveness in exploring for precious metals, minerals, and oil and gas.
Anglo American, a global leader in exploration and mining technology, plans to fund airborne test work and to help develop applications for mineral exploration. If these tests are successful, Anglo American plans to deploy the Gedex system among its geographically diverse group companies with interests encompassing copper, nickel, platinum, coal, diamonds, zinc, iron ore, and other metals.
“We are committed to maintaining our position as a world leader in the application of advanced technologies to the exploration and evaluation of resources,” said Dr. Owen Bavinton, Anglo American’s Head of Exploration and Geology. “We anticipate that Gedex’s advanced high definition gravity gradiometry will become a valued complement to our leading SPECTREM EM and other search technologies.”
“Gedex’s existing strategic agreement is with the largest diamond producing company. The first generation system is expected to begin airborne tests during the first half of 2008. Now Anglo American will seek to develop and apply a second generation version of the HD-AGG(TM) technology in the broader mineral exploration sector, supporting further research aimed at validating our system,” said Robbie C. Banks, Gedex President and Chief Executive Officer. “We are extremely delighted to have a world leading exploration company like Anglo American as our second strategic alliance.”
The prospective scope of the Gedex technology continues to expand from diamonds to other minerals and into the energy sector following introduction of its unique oil sands application which is expected to help identify oil pockets, understand potential reserves, increase production and cash flow, while greatly reducing costs, said Mr. Banks.
“The value of our technology is gaining recognition with resource companies,” said Mr. Banks. “We believe the Gedex HD-AGG(TM) technology is capable of creating a material difference in resource exploration.”
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