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Where tradition leads, innovation follows

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

Sandvik mining jumbos have been designed to meet every challenge and need involved in the underground hard rock mining process. We have been working diligently to develop accurate, productive, low-emission machines.
Sandvik has a long tradition in manufacturing drilling products that offer an innovative, user-friendly, productive design. In a time when the industry is facing an impetus for change, it’s precisely innovation that is re-writing the present marketing standards. This is why Sandvik – a genuinely global, integrated, brand-led organization – is determined to set the pace of change; and part of this process revolves around updating our look with new colors and standardizing our products’ names. Our objective in this update is to provide a clear way to identify the reliable, safe jumbos that make Sandvik a leader in the mining industry. For example, Sandvik DD530 stands for: drilling and drifting (DD); the drift size it can operate in, 5 x 5 (5); number of drilling booms, in this case 3 (3); and, in this example 0 refers to the first version, whereas 1 would be the second version and so on.
Speed and Performance
Many mine operations must produce more to stand at the forefront. One reason for this is the emergence of new markets in developing countries. That means they must reach the ore faster. To keep up, Sandvik is focusing on speed. It’s your turn now to experience the new Sandvik DD530, a three-boom mining jumbo that is bound to leave the ordinary ‘biting the dust’. We offer performance, efficiency and quality never seen before. Time can be cut down noticeably with our purpose-built carriers that are not only fast, but easy to access to facilitate the maintenance of the machine. Sandvik DD530 relies on a standard “MB OM 904 LA” – an 110kW (148hp) engine with a Clark 20 000 Hydrodynamic transmission. A higher speed carrier is also available with a 170kW diesel engine, available as an option. Featuring three drilling booms that cover up to 75m² cross sections and a high frequency HFX5T rock drill, the Sandvik DD530 is poised to drill. This machine’s capabilities will accelerate any mine’s schedule in development drilling projects. The challenges that safety issues present to operators can be easily tackled with any combination of on-board diagnostic systems, extra working lights and FOPS (ISO 3449) certified cabins. High performance rock drills combined with proficient drilling controls provide overall efficiency.
With Sandvik, you are bound to advance fast, productively and profitably.
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