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Hapman Is No Drag on Energy Efficiency

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Today’s engineering and processing plants require more from conveying systems than simply moving materials from A to B. The environmental and housekeeping factors of industry are increasingly considered high priorities.
Being energy efficient is paramount for the European Union’s targets on energy reduction, whilst good housekeeping is critical when conveying toxic, hazardous materials. The Hapman Tubular Drag Conveyor; a low cost, enclosed conveyor system, which prevents harmful dust from escaping into the atmosphere, is well placed in today’s environmentally-aware industry.
Hapman, with global headquarters in Michigan, USA, is one of the world’s foremost providers of powder and bulk material handling conveyors and equipment. Their products are found in practically every industry worldwide and are relied upon for improving efficiency, maximising production and reducing labor costs.
Operated by a single low horsepower electric motor, the Hapman Tubular Drag Conveyor combines low operating and maintenance costs with easy installation and the elimination of product loss. The flexibility in layouts allows you to convey horizontally, vertically, at an angle and around corners, with just one conveyor, eliminating the need for multiple conveyors which is crucial to cost, space and energy saving.
First produced over 50 years ago, the Hapman Tubular Drag Conveyor has undergone many state of the art improvements over the years and is a unique patented product. The single, most important element of the design today is the enclosed construction. This feature protects the product from the outside atmosphere, whilst simultaneously protecting the atmosphere and the worker from the product. The system is also completely sealed, eliminating toxic or flammable spillage, odours and airborne dust which create potential hazards.
The Tubular Drag also has an exclusive self-cleaning discharge gate meaning 100% discharge; no trapped materials, and unlike cable conveyors, the drag uses a heavy-duty chain, meaning no product rejections or maintenance hassles through frayed or broken cables.
Designed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the system conserves energy through low horsepower, whilst the conveyor’s gentle product handling and positive displacement action reduces material segregation and keeps product degradation to a minimum. This smooth process assures a long conveyor life and operation at minimal noise levels.
Hapman also offer a ‘Performance Guarantee’ which promises the equipment they manufacture will achieve the specific results for which it was designed. Should the Hapman equipment not perform as designed, they will revise, repair, or make the necessary changes to achieve the proper operation of the equipment.
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