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Molecular Products Launches Innovative Carbon Monoxide Removal Technology

Thursday, December 6th, 2007

Molecular Products Group plc, an international group of businesses dedicated to preserving life and protecting the environment. Recognised globally in air purification, the overall mission of the Group is achieved by supplying advanced chemical based technologies for the purification of air.
Molecular Products Ltd, based in the UK specialises specifically in the manufacturing of chemical absorbents, chemical-based devices and catalysts for emergency air purification. It is long-established that within sealed environments designed to sustain human life, such as a mine refuge or submarine interior, rapid removal of toxic gases in an emergency is essential. This led to the creation of the MCASPA (Moleculite Carbon Monoxide Self Powered Absorber).
The self powered unit is designed to remove carbon monoxide in an enclosed environment, by oxidising hazardous carbon monoxide to less harmful carbon dioxide. This forms part of a life support system if a mine emergency should occur, therefore the MCASPA is intended for use in life critical situations.
The unit is catalytic and theoretically its capacity is unlimited. Extensive research and testing reveals MCASPA is proficient for over two hours and offers rapid removal of carbon monoxide to safe levels to establish a breathable atmosphere. In normal conditions, the operational life of MCASPA is extended by a further 30-40 minutes due to the capabilities of Moleculite. Fully portable, the MCASPA is hermetically sealed and has a six year shelf life offering rapid through-put of 48m³ per hour, a single unit will reduce the CO level by half in a 10m³ volume every 12 minutes. For larger volumes or where faster removal is required, multiple units can be deployed.
Molecular Products offer outstanding technical support coupled with reliable industry know-how resulting in sound, practical advice and support for the MCASPA and all other products manufactured by Molecular Products. A comprehensive handbook is supplied with all products with guidance on instructions for use and safety implications.
For further information visit: www.molecularproducts.com

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