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Follow the Guide – Monitran launches its easy-to-use product selector guide for general and special purpose vibration sensors

Monday, December 10th, 2007

Monitran, a world leader in the development and manufacture of sensors for the measurement of vibration and displacement, has released an innovative product selector guide. It presents the top-level features and benefits of 64 of Monitran’s general and special purpose accelerometers – all in a concise, A4 fold-out booklet.
The guide is free and can be requested as a hardcopy or as a PDF by contacting Monitran on
Within the sensor guide products are split into three categories, namely general purpose analysis (AC), general purpose monitoring (DC) and special purpose, and then further refined into families. Also, icons are used extensively throughout the guide to denote the sensors’
applicability to one or more of up to nine industry sectors, including utilities, buildings & maintenance, automotive, petrochemical and R&D.
Monitran’s sensor guide also includes a page devoted to selection tips, to help users identify the most suitable products for their requirements. Patrick Treherne, Monitran’s Sales Manager, comments:
“Whilst our guide lists 64 of our standard accelerometers, these are just part of our range, which is the largest available from any European manufacturer. We’re appreciative of the fact that different users will have different uses for our sensors – so our guide was designed to aid selection.”
For applicable sensors, approval to ATEX group I or II is highlighted.
Also, for each sensor in the guide, its weight, dimensions, sealing (IP rating), type (top or side entry), temperature range and electrical characteristics are given. “For further information users should refer to the technical datasheets,” adds Treherne, “but as a means of identifying the most suitable product for any given application the guide is a valuable resource.”
Of the 64 sensors, 35 are general purpose and include Monitran’s popular MTN/1100 family of AC output accelerometers (ideal for vibration
analysis) and the MTN/1185 and MTN/1187 families which have DC outputs (4-20mA, ideal for vibration monitoring).
Special purpose sensors presented in the guide include dedicated sensors for velocity measurement, a high temperature sensor, a sensor for modal analysis, charge output sensors, low frequency accelerometers, dual and triple output sensors and Monitran’s recently announced tri-axial sensor.
In addition to their presence in the guide, all products can be viewed on Monitran’s website,, which was re-launched at the beginning of December 2007. On this revamped site, and as within the product guide, sensors are ordered in such way so as to aid selection.
Sensors are initially categorised by use (analysis or monitoring) and then by type (industrial, hazardous, small footprint or waterproof).
Monitran has also added a FAQ page. Treherne adds: “With such a wealth of knowledge behind us we wanted our site to become ‘the voice of experience’.”
Treherne concludes: “If only a few sensors could satisfy most applications you could argue there’d be little need for a product selector guide, but the fact of the matter is that no two applications are ever exactly the same. This is why Monitran has spent 21 years developing the industry’s widest range of fit-for-purpose sensors.”
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