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Atlas Copco improves control of core drilling

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

With the release of the 4th generation of the computerized control system APC, for the core drill rig Diamec, Atlas Copco takes another step to increase productivity for core drillers around the world.
By using the APC with the Diamec core drill rig, the cost of consumables can be lowered significantly in any surface or underground core drilling. The APC makes it easier to control and maintain a more efficient drilling, which prolongs service life of diamond bits and ITH tools. With an automated and optimal setting of drilling parameters, the driller is able to save on more than consumables – great time savings are also made by lowering the risk of drilling errors, operator fatigue and core blockage.
Another important feature with the new generation of APC, is that it has significantly improved properties to resist harsh conditions compared to its predecessors. It can operate in a range from -25°C to + 65°C, in a relative humidity of up to 90-95%, and is also designed to withstand chock or vibrations in a better way.
The APC system provides powerful self diagnostics to support the drilling operation. This makes also less experienced drillers more reliable, and it allows operation with fewer persons involved. As a matter of fact, the APC can make the drilling to a one man operation, which gives more time to handle core samples, perform maintenance etc.
The new APC is developed with an improved ergonomic design, and a user friendly interface (including functions as backlight for better readability). It is based on the RCS system, which is also used in other drill rigs from Atlas Copco, and is hence a well proven, reliable system. With a USB connection, an external memory stick can be used to bring data up to the surface. A USB stick can also be used for software upgrades of the APC.
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