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Boomer takes farewell of the Rocket

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

The name ‘Rocket’ as in Rocket Boomer, is coming to the end of its remarkable journey. As of January 1, 2008 it will take off for the last time – and then disappear for ever into the history books. From that day on, only the name ‘Boomer’ will be used on all Boomer rigs, from the smallest Boomer 104 to the largest Boomer XE3.
“The name ‘Boomer’ is shorter and easier to communicate, and will help us to further strengthen the already well-known Boomer brand”, says Mikael Ramström, Product Line Manager Underground Drilling Equipment.
The name Boomer has been used as a brand for Atlas Copco’s face drilling rigs since the beginning of the 1970s. The name Rocket Boomer was introduced to signify the launch of COP 1440 in 1986, the world’s first high-speed rock drill, which took the market by storm. Since then, many other types of rock drills have been produced by Atlas Copco – each one faster and more powerful than the one before. Today all rock drills delivered on Atlas Copco rigs can be regarded as high-speed rock drills. Still, Boomer is the name that is most identified with Atlas Copco face drilling rigs in the mining and construction industries. Therefore, all newly-manufactured face drilling rigs will simply carry the name ‘Boomer’. There is no doubt, however, that all of Atlas Copco’s future rock drills will continue to perform like rockets.
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