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Green light for first G.A.S. Energy project in North America

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007

Gas Energy Inc. (Gas Energy), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Green Gas International B.V. (Green Gas), has received approval to build, own and operate its first a gas-to-energy plant in North America. The plant will be located at the Pioneer Crossing landfill, a J. P. Mascaro & Sons facility located in Exeter Township, Pennsylvania. The approval follows the grant of an air quality permit for the plant, by the Department of Environmental Protection of Pennsylvania, to G.A.S. Access Pioneer Crossing Energy LLC (G.A.S. Access), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gas Energy.
Construction of an initial 6.4 megawatt (MW) power generating facility will start in January 2008, with plant commissioning expected by the end of March 2008. The project has an expected lifespan of more than 15 years. Instead of flaring the landfill gas, which is the current practice at Pioneer Crossing, this valuable source of renewable energy will be put to good use. The gas will permit an estimated 50 million kilowatt-hours of energy to be generated per annum.
The 6.4 MW methane gas fired plant will enable a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. It will substitute the annual fossil fuel consumption of some 4,200 homes. It will also reduce annual carbon dioxide emissions, at Pioneer Crossing, by approximately 30,000 tonnes – equivalent to removing around 6,150 cars from the road.
Joseph P. Mascaro III, Pioneer Crossing’s Director of Environmental Compliance said: “Our company is extremely happy to partner with G.A.S. Access on this project, which not only benefits the environment, by reducing gas emissions, but also benefits consumers by generating power from a waste product. The Department of Environmental Protection review of the project’s permit application was exhaustive and the operating plant will meet all technical and regulatory standards.”
Kai Vorholz, President of Gas Energy Technology Inc, said: “We are able to provide a renewable energy solution for the owners of Pioneer Crossing, with clear operational and financial benefits. Where possible, we also plan to make use of local contractors to assist with construction of the plant.”
Chris Norval, CEO of Green Gas International B.V. said: “This project is our first in North America. It draws upon our combined 50 year successful track record of delivering climate mitigation projects around the world. At a time of rising demand for energy, we are delighted that projects such as Pioneer Crossing can help satisfy such demand, while contributing to a better environment for future generations.”
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