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New features and a twelve year guarantee for Cirrus’ CR:800C series of sound level meters

Monday, December 17th, 2007

Cirrus Research plc, the UK company which specialises in the design and development of noise measurement equipment, has upgraded its high performance CR:800C series of sound level meters, to include a wide range of new features and functions. Suitable for both occupational and environmental noise measurement, the new CR:800C sound level meters are also supplied with Cirrus’ new ‘2-12’ year guarantee. This enables Cirrus’ standard two year warranty to be extended by ten years, at no additional cost, provided that the instrument is serviced and recalibrated annually by either Cirrus Research plc or by an authorised service centre.
Like their predecessors, CR:800C sound level meters are easy to use, yet capable of meeting sophisticated modern noise measurement guidelines. They are available in Class 1 or Class 2 accuracy and now comply with the latest IEC 61672 measurement standard as well as IEC 60651 and IEC 60804. Data logging of up to 1300 measurements is now possible, and outdoor measurement kits are available for unattended environmental noise monitoring with remote access via an optional outdoor measurement kit and GSM modem.
New features of the CR:800C Series include data download to a PC via a USB connection and updates to the Deaf Defier3 software. Further options that are available include 1:1 and 1:3 Octave Band Filters. The 1:1 octave band filters support the selection of hearing protection (PPE), using Cirrus’ Deaf Defier3 software which is now supplied as standard. The 1:3 octave band filters help in the measurement of environmental noise measurements and tonal analysis.
“Our new CR: 800C sound level meters are an ideal choice for any professional noise measurement application, from Noise at Work risk assessment, to vehicle noise testing and environmental noise measurements”, said James Tingay of Cirrus Research. “Powerful, robust, and easy to use, these new sound level meters will help organisations keep within the letter of the law with regard to noise safety and, in the case of workplace noise, help users to select appropriate ear protection.”
Which sound level meter customers need will depend on two things: what they want to record, be it occupational or environmental noise, and on how much data they need to store. The Cirrus team will help customers choose which kit is right for their business and demonstrate how it can help them meet the requirements of the law. A range of accessories is available to complement the CR: 800C series including outdoor measurement kits, power supplies, microphone extension cables and software. Free backup and support, including license free software and updates, is provided with every Cirrus noise measurement product.
Cirrus Research plc has over 30 years’ experience in the field of the design and manufacture of noise measurement instruments. During that time, the company has developed a reputation for producing robust, practical equipment which can perform in real situations. All Cirrus equipment is made in the UK, and the company is responsible for all after sales service and calibration work. Spare parts and support are therefore always available. In 1991 Cirrus Research plc was awarded the Queen’s Award for Export Achievement, with noise measurement equipment exported to over 50 countries worldwide.
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