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Selkirk Metals Corp

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Selkirk Metals Corp. is pleased to release the latest results from holes RD-07-U4 and U7 at the U Zone. The U Zone is located 2,100 metres west of the deepest drilling of the E-Zone, approximately halfway along the 5.5km long Ruddock Creek Sulphide Horizon.
Holes U4 and U7 were drilled from the same setup as the previous holes. U4 tested the zones down dip to the north, and U7 tested the same horizons up dip to the south. Previously released holes U1 and U2 (see News Release dated October 30, 2007) intersected the same thick mineralized horizon as seen in U7. The separate lenses of mineralization were encountered in both holes, confirming the multiple mineralized horizons noted in the earlier drilling at this location. The significant results received to date from the drill holes completed this season in the U Zone are tabulated below:
Hole Number, From(m), To(m), Interval(m), Zinc %, Lead %
U Zone:
RD-07-U4 47.1 47.7 0.6 21.35 0.62
57.63 62.13 4.5 4.62 0.52
RD-07-U7 33.14 38.41 5.27 3.43 0.41
99.4 120.54 21.14 5.27 0.74
Including 99.4 107.4 8.0 11.50 1.51
RD-07-U1 86.95 101.06 14.11 7.59 1.34
Including 86.95 90.20 3.25 23.78 3.85
RD-07-U2(partial) 127.3 135.0 7.70 21.48 2.5
and 144.0 149.0 5.0 4.96 0.82
The semi to massive sulphide mineralization at the U Zone consists of medium to coarse grained sphalerite and galena with accessory pyrrhotite and pyrite. This mineralization appears to be on the same stratigraphic horizon as the V Zone mineralization which is located another 1,000 metres to the west. Most of the area between the U and the V Zones is covered by talus, but can be easily tested by diamond drilling during surface exploration planned in 2008. Previous drill programs have shown the mineralized horizons at Ruddock Creek to be continuous and predictable, irrespective of the thickness of sulphides encountered in individual holes.
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