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Jourdan Resources Inc

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

Jourdan Resources inc. is pleased to announce that four core drill holes have now been completed on its uranium property in the Wakeham sedimentary basin, 70 km North of Havre St.Pierre, province of Quebec. The four drill holes have explored the 2-A uranium zone, on two cross sections, 100 meters apart. The table below gives the main intersections of the mineralized structure.
Drill hole, From(m), To(m), Width(m), Vertical depth(m)
S-1 44.71 46.44 1.73 25
S-2 64.70 65.90 1.20 55
S-3 55.70 56.00 0.30 36
S-4 106.30 108.57 2.27 95
Drill hole S-1 intersected the main mineralized structure from 44.71m to 46.44 m, for a width of 1.73 m, which assayed 0.26 lbs U3O8 / ton. This paragneiss bed was sampled on the surface outcrop and had assayed up to 8.56 lbs U3O8 /ton. The uranium mineralization is not uniformly distributed throughout the paragneiss bed and is concentrated at specific places. Drill hole S-1 intersected a second mineralized paragneiss bed from 60.36m to 60.97m, for a width of 0.61 m which assayed 0.54 lbs U3O8 /ton.
The drilling program was discontinued for the Holiday Season and will be resumed in early January. The radioactive cores in drill holes S-2, S-3 and S-4 have been sampled and sent to the laboratory but the assay results are not yet available.
The table below gives the assay results of 13 grab samples taken on surface outcrops, on zones 2-A and 2-B, on the extension of these zones and on zone 3.(i)
Sample no, Ppm U, % U3O8, lbs U3O8/ton, Location
436268 1680 0.20 3.96 2-A
436270 510 0.06 1.20 2-A
436271 1830 0.21 4.32 2-A
436272 1190 0.14 2.80 2-A
436264 3130 0.37 7.38 2-B(ii)
436265 750 0.09 1.77 2-B(ii)
436267 600 0.07 1.41 2-B(ii)
436263 2830 0.33 6.68 On camp site(iii)
436266 1170 0.14 2.76 On camp site(iii)
436257 730 0.08 1.72 Zone 3(iiii)
436258 310 0.04 0.73 Zone 3(iiii)
436269 910 0.11 2.14 Zone 3(iiii)
435256 1760 0.21 4.15 Zone 3(iiii)
(i) The samples were assayed at the AlsChemex laboratories in Val d’Or and Vancouver. They were bagged, numbered and sealed at the camp site and transported to the Als Chemex laboratory in Val d’Or for the sample preparation. They were dried, weighed, crushed to – 10 mesh with a 250g fraction pulverized and bagged for the final assay at Als Chemex in Vancouver.
(ii) Zone 2-B is located 500 meters South and in the extension of Zone 2-A
(iii) These samples were taken on a surface outcrop on the camp site, at 700 meters South-East of Zone 2-B. The outcrop is located on the lakeshore and suggests that the uranium zone could extend under the lake.
(iiii)These samples were taken at the South end of Zone 3 which has a length of 1.5 km and a width of several tens of meters. This zone could potentially represent an open pit mineable deposit.

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