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RUD-Erlau AG: 30 percent More

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

RUD-Erlau pioneered the tyre protection chain (TPC) in the 50’s and, through continued product development and excellent product support now has a healthy 65% market share.
RUD-Erlau does not simply fit and go.
Customer’s installations are backed by a global network of strategically placed offices and agencies and teams of experienced engineers providing a comprehensive on-site service 24/7.
These engineers make regular site visits who ensure that the chains are properly tensioned and running at optimum performance. These visits provide the opportunity to observe the TPCs working in normal conditions, offer advice and give valuable feedback to the technical team at the Getman HQ.
In underground mining, one of the most popular products is RUD-Erlau’s FELS TPC.
The wet, clayey, dimly-lit roadways cause vehicles to skid and hard to handle which is tiring for the operators and increases the risk of accidents and costly damage to plant,
By fitting RUD-Elau’s TPCs, to their low-profile loaders and dump trucks, mine owners gain essential traction and dramatically reduce tyre replacement costs.
While customers are pleased with the product and the support, RUD has been concerned that, in some mines, the chains were not lasting as long as predicted. From careful observation and analysis it was discovered that wet mineral sands were forming an abrasive paste which was wearing away at the point were the links and joining rings meet.
To overcome this problem, RUD-Erlau’s metallurgical and design team put their heads together and have developed an advanced TPC named FELS TORO X19.
The profile of the X 19’s wear link with its three different wear levels combines great traction capabilities with excellent tyre protection and maximum abrasion resistance
The X 19’s denser mesh provides sure-footed operation and greatly reduces the risk damaged tyres from sidewall impact. The shape of the wear link also permits deeper hardening, giving the chain a larger wear resistant surface and, with the benefit of 19 mm connecting rings, extends the chain life by as much as 30%.
Following in the RUD-Erlau tradition, The FELS Toro X19 offers the underground mining and tunnelling industry all the well-documented, cost-advantages of their range of TPCs – especially greatly extended tyre life and assured productivity.
With patenting in progress and site trials successfully completed, RUD-Erlau is already shipping the FELS Toro X19 to mines in Australia, Southern Africa and South America.
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