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Monday, January 21st, 2008

Grindex, the third largest supplier of submersible drainage pumps in the world, have implemented a comprehensive restructuring as part of company growth strategy. The new logotype visualises the “new” Grindex, soon to launch an entirely new product series of extremely hard-wearing and service-friendly pumps.
“The new Grindex will be a marketing and sales company making better use of the cooperative opportunities available within the ITT group. Examples of this include research and development and aspects of production. Our customers will benefit from a stronger partner providing high availability in terms of products, support and service”, says Grindex managing director, Peter Schmid.
– “With our own sales company and a well-developed global network of distributors we shall widen our usefulness as a dewatering partner, now being able to provide packages that include service and technical support. The new generation of pumps will be an important step in our new efforts in this direction”, says Peter Schmid.
Grindex marketing of submersible electric pumps is focused primarily on drainage, sludge and slurry pumping. Company products are used wherever excessive water needs to be transported. The most important customers are construction and rental companies, mines and larger retailers.
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