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New York Air Brake Corporation

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

A 115-car Norfolk Southern coal train, the first to use electronically-controlled pneumatic (ECP) stand-alone brakes in regular interchange revenue service in the United States, winds its way through the hills near Waynesburg, PA. The new brakes, designed and manufactured by Watertown’s New York Air Brake, use an electronic communications signal, rather than brake pipe reductions, to send commands from the locomotive to the cars for smoother, quicker, and safer stops. As a result, railroads can operate longer and heavier trains at higher speeds, with significantly improved safety and fuel economy. This is one of two trains in service; during the next several months, Norfolk Southern plans to add 30 locomotives, 210 new rapid discharge coal hoppers, and 180 upgraded rapid-discharge coal hoppers to its ECP fleet. Working with Norfolk Southern and New York Air Brake are the locomotive supplier General Electric and the rail car builders FreightCar America and Trinity North American Freight Car, Inc.
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