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Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

The DR460 drill rig was designed in response to customers’ requirements for more productivity. The DR460 is a diesel powered, self-propelled crawler mounted rotary drill for 251 to 311 mm (9 7/8″ to 12 1/4″) diameter blastholes. It is designed for mines prioritizing high penetration rate, easy maintenance, good availability and an ergonomic work environment. The customer benefits are:
• Serviceability & reliability. The DR460 offers a full perimeter walkway for improved access and service security. This extra wide walkway allows the operator and service technicians free access around the rig. In order to meet stringent Australian standards for electric and hydraulic design, the hydraulic system has been designed to reduce the amount of hoses in one location by moving the hydraulic valves to be close to the point of use. Furthermore, by focusing on routing, securing and shielding (wires) there is a dramatic improvement of the reliability of these systems.
• Increased penetration rate. The DR460 has 37% more high rotary horse power than its main competitor. When ground conditions allow, the operator can increase his rotation without sacrificing torque. The feed system has been designed with extreme hard rock in mind by including extra heavy duty chains to ensure a constant load at increased rotation speeds. • Operator cabin comfort. The spacious FOPS rated, 4,4 m2 (47 ft2) cabin with ergonomic operator chair mounted controls, offers the operator an extremely comfortable work environment. Floor to ceiling windows provide an unobstructed view of the drill deck.
• Extreme environment advantage. The standard DR460 is engineered to operate at an ambient temperature of up to 54C (130F). The DR460 can also be equipped with optional cold weather equipment that includes generator sets and machinery housing for arctic climates. For very high elevations, an optional engine is available that is capable of operating in elevations that reach 5000 m (16400 ft).
The main goal of the DR460 is to increase productivity while adding features to improve reliability, operator acceptance and serviceability. The pulldown is up to 356 kN (80000 lb) and bit load 445 kN (100000 lb) for maximum productivity in hard rock formations. The DR460 is capable of drilling benches up to 75 m (246 ft) with 12,8 m (42 ft) long drill pipes. The DR460 offers a complete and ground-breaking package that puts it in a class of its own.
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