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National Coal Mining Museum: Search for the Coal Queens of Britain

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

The National Coal Mining Museum for England is searching for Coal Queens! As part of its 20th Anniversary celebrations during 2008, the Museum is holding its 4th Annual Miners’ Gala on Sunday 8 June. A range of activities and performances are planned for the gala, which will be offer free admission for all visitors and as part of the day, the Museum is looking for past winners of the Coal Queen competition to participate in the celebrations.
The competition ‘Coal Queen of Britain’ was run by the National Coal Board between 1969 and 1996. Each colliery was encouraged to choose its own Coal Queen; the Colliery Coal Queens from each region then competed for the coalfield title (i.e. Miss Yorkshire; Miss Lancashire) and then the 12 or so regional finalists competed for the National Coal Queen of Britain title. The early competitions were staged at Skegness but moved to Blackpool when the big Mining Festival weekend was organised and remained there until the Mining Weekend, as it became known, came to an end in 1983.
The Museum is asking for any past winners of the competition or their families to contact them. Call Rachel Bannister on 01924 844560 or email

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