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Stelex Construction Equipment Ltd

Friday, February 15th, 2008

A Hercules heavy duty Trommel screen ,owned by Damon Pursell Construction of Liberty, Missouri, and the first of its type to be operating within the whole of the US plant rental market, is busy processing rock at a quarry in Pine Bluff, Arkansas,for use in rebuilding the damaged levees in New Orleans.
The Trommel, manufactured by Stelex Construction Equipment Ltd, of Whitchurch, England, is on contract for ten months, and is producing four sizes of materials from a very abrasive blast sand rock which has a silica content of 85%. The unit is producing around 450 tph of different sizes of Rip Rap materials which are transported down the Arkansas river by barges to the quarry company’s own distribution centre, where large tonnages of this Rip Rap material are sold on for the rebuilding of the hurricane-damaged levees around New Orleans.
The machine , a model HT182M, is one of a new generation of road towable Trommel screens which have been designed for long or short term contracts within the quarry and mining industries. The unit is a modular design with relocation in mind, and can be easily moved along a blast face wall or relocated to a new site.
The feed hopper is made of Hardox steel to provide high wear resistance and can accommodate 16 tonnes and, with extension plates, up to 33 tonnes. End and side plates are folded down to reduce height for travelling.
A variable speed-reciprocating hydraulic plate feed table, which is supported on rollers beneath the feed hopper, feeds material into the barrel via hyudraulic rams which can be adjusted to the required tonnage of between 250 tph and 500 tph. The 1.8 m diameter barrel (made up of four 2 metre long segments) is manufactured from high-grade steel bars welded to form segments which are bolted together. The apertures are made to suit individual customer requirements.
The barrel is supported on four steel rollers, two of which are driven by heavy duty variable speed hydraulic motors (no drive chain or spocket to maintain). The barrel’s rpm is fully adjusted to suit the type of material that is being fed to the Trommel to ensure optimum cleaning of clay contamination and high moisture content materials at all times.
On this particular site, and for operations where a longer-term contract may be planned, a specially engineered support frame, located on a pre-formed concrete pad, allows the unit to be lifted off its wheels and provides under screen stockpile load out bays, which eliminates the use of conveyors. The dirt or fines in the feed are discharged through the first barrel segment whilst the clean rock travels down to be graded by the different apertures in the barrel. Oversize, which can be lump sizes of 900 mm, are discharged through the end of the barrel.
Mr Mike Pursell, the machine’s owner, purchased his first static Trommel in 2000, after which time he saw a need in the industry for a heavy duty mobile Trommel for the rental market. He now has three units out on contract and has a further two machines on order.
Mr Pursell says, “All the Stelex machines have performed above our expectations, working 12 hours a day and giving 100 percent reliability, with very low maintenance costs. Our investment in the Trommels was a good decision,and we are now working hard to service the needs of the growing US rental market with this equipment.”
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