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Terex Equipment Ltd

Monday, February 18th, 2008

With emphasis increasingly upon ensuring a comfortable and safe working environment for truck operators, the Terex® TA30 articulated dump truck with independent front suspension has been given a vote of confidence from the drivers of Denny Plant Hire in Scotland.
Stirlingshire-based Denny currently has 2 of its 6 Terex® articulated trucks working for leading contractors Pattersons in a quarry in Throsk. The project involves removing sand and gravel to create building blocks for houses, and afterwards reinstating the land for use by the local farmer. When asked if the independent suspension has had an impact on his working day, Denny operator, Kevin Mallon, replied:
“The ride is very smooth when traveling over rough ground, allowing you to transport the load quickly with minimal cab rolling. This is a real advantage when working in a demanding quarry environment with its many bumps and ruts. For example, the current mucky terrain is a result of one week of rain and the Terex® truck is handling it well.”
Mr. Mallon continued, “I’ve been a driver for more than 8 years and since driving the TA30 with independent front suspension I definitely feel less fatigued at the end of an 8-hour shift.”
As well as introducing independent front suspension, Terex has also designed the cab of the articulated trucks with the operator’s comfort in mind, from the suspended seat with optional heating to the air-conditioning which dehumidifies the windows when it is raining. This has not gone unnoticed by the Denny driver, “When you’re in a cab as often as I am, it becomes your living space. Driving a truck that is designed to meet your needs can have a huge impact on productivity levels. The reverse camera [monitor] is one of the best I’ve used. It gives me a clear picture of what is happening behind the truck – that kind of reassurance is crucial when you’re on a busy work site.”
Karl Kalores, Plant Manager for Denny Plant Hire agrees with Mr. Mallon, “We are more than happy with the Terex® trucks as their performance and reliability have more than exceeded our needs.”
Terex Sales Manager, Hamish Ross, commented: “We are pleased that Denny Plant Hire is experiencing the benefits of our TA30 with independent front suspension. This model is relatively new to the market, having been launched at Bauma last year, but we are seeing massive interest in the truck, as more and more operators are voicing their approval.”
With the recent EU vibration directive being enforced for the operation of ADTs, the independent front suspension, which is available as an option on the TA27 and TA30 articulated trucks, is sure to prove popular with prospective buyers.
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