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Master Magnets Ltd

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

The UK based company Master Magnets Ltd is proud to announce that they have been successfully trading world wide for 30 years. Over the years they have effectively solved thousands of magnetic separation problems for an extensive range of industries, which has given the company a vast knowledge in industrial applications. Now, in 2008 Master Magnets are well established as a world leader in magnetic separation and material handling equipment. This is due to the strategic acquisitions, growth and 200 years of accumulated knowledge.
1978 was an exciting year; the Bee Gees dominate the singles and album charts as Saturday Night Fever becomes a cultural phenomenon, Leon Spinks defeats Muhammad Ali by a points decision in 15 rounds to win the world’s Heavyweight title and in the UK a new company was formed with the name Master Magnets Ltd.
Master Magnets Ltd was founded by Geoff Worley who had fifteen years experience in the magnetics industry, and had specialised in magnetic separation and its derivatives. Joining Geoff as sales director was Cliff Walker; already an experienced man in magnet sales for over thirty years and with worldwide contacts. Both Geoff and Cliff were very ambitious, they believed that they could use their extensive knowledge and expertise to create and grow Master Magnets Ltd.
Master Magnets started business in a back office and sub contracted their production work out to external manufacturers. Cliff Walker led the sales, and appointed agents from around the world, some of which still represent Master Magnets today. Geoff Worley managed the engineering side of the business handling the technical and production departments. As the company progressed through the 1980’s the sales volume grew and so did the company. Eventually Master Magnets set up their own manufacturing facility which enabled the company to control quality and production lead times more efficiently. Consequently there was an increase in employees, which enabled Master Magnets to expand their product range, services and capabilities.
The 1990’s saw the company installing new heavy duty winding facilities for producing larger and heavier coils for the electro magnetic range of products and a new super strength magnetiser weighing 14 tonnes and providing unsurpassed magnetising facilities. A test laboratory was also set up during this period to test clients samples, enabling the company to specify the correct type of separator for any given application including mineral separation. The late 1990’s also saw the retirement of Cliff Walker having completed 40 years in the magnet trade. Master Magnets continued to be a family run business and still appointed new agents throughout the world. The increase in agents enabled Master Magnets to enter a larger worldwide market, with agents reporting from across every continent.
Master Magnets undertook some major developments and changes as they entered the 21st century. Their product range continued to expand and their in house facilities were developed. In 2003 Master Magnets acquired IRS Ltd (Integrated Recycling Systems Ltd) who were based in Redditch, providing the company with more strength in the recycling industry to complement their existing product range. When Master Magnets acquired IRS Ltd they also purchased their custom built 17,000 Sq/ft factory and offices. The relocation meant that Master Magnets were now very close to strategic motorway links and Birmingham International Airport. The move to Redditch also provided Master Magnets ltd with increased factory space with 30 tonne craneage and easier transportation of their goods.
In 2005 Master Magnets Ltd also acquired Metal Detection Ltd, well established in the electronic metal detector business for over 40 years. This latest acquisition gives the parent company Master Magnets Ltd an all-embracing position in the field of metal detection applications, and enabled Master Magnets to serve a wider range of industries.
Master Magnets Ltd are now well established as the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of magnetic separation, size reduction and detection technology. This is due to these strategic acquisitions, growth and accumulated knowledge. Following the acquisitions (of Integrated Recycling Systems Ltd and Metal Detection Ltd,) Master Magnets can now offer a wider range of products to benefit an extensive range of industries, including shredders, screens, metal detectors, can flatteners, conveyors and complete turn key plants complementing our existing range of magnetic and non ferrous separation equipment.
The future looks bright for Master Magnets as they continue to trade world-wide. Their design and engineering departments have the knowledge and expertise to solve any application presented to us from any country in the world. Geoff Worley is now the Chairman of Master Magnets, and he is still partially involved with the day to day activities of the business. In 2007 Master Magnets appointed Adrian Coleman as the new Managing Director of the company. Adrian’s main objective is to lead Master Magnets into the 21st century to make us even more competitive and attractive to the world wide market. Adrian joined Master Magnets during its infancy some 23 years ago. He began his career at Master Magnets as a Technical Apprentice working with Cliff Walker and Geoff Worley serving time in all departments having fulfilled the roles of Design Engineer, Drawing Office Manager, Purchasing Manager and Production Manager. It is this career path that has given him such a broad wealth of knowledge and experience.
Master Magnets are planning to expand their product range still further and with Adrian’s drive and leadership qualities the future looks bright. Adrian has already been instrumental in achieving reductions in product lead times, increases in output and improved profitability.
For further information visit: www.mastermagnets.com / www.metaldetection.co.uk

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