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Raymond Brown takes Volvo A25E’s

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

The Ringwood based Raymond Brown Group has kicked off the New Year with the delivery of five Volvo A25E articulated haulers.
Long term user of Volvo Construction Equipment products, the Raymond Brown Group has augmented its plant fleet with the addition of five A25E articulated haulers. “We’ve been associated with the Volvo articulated hauler product for over twenty five years,” commented Director Mark Isaac. “In our opinion the quality of build and overall performance coupled with excellent residual values are reasons why we choose Volvo.”
The recently launched Volvo A25E is equipped with a Volvo 9-litre turbo-charged high-performance low emission diesel engine developing 305 net hp and develops high torque at low engine speed. This is an important feature when starting from a standstill, making the hauler easy to manoeuvre in difficult terrain. The machine has all-wheel drive and 100% differential-locks, giving the operator many driving options. The hauler can go practically anywhere, economically and efficiently. The entire drivetrain – engine, transmission, dropbox and axles – is made up of Volvo components.
The dump body has a load capacity of 24000kg with a 15cu.m heaped SAE 2:1 volume and is constructed with 400HB steel throughout providing both high yield and tensile strength. A unique feature is the patented Volvo Load and Dump Brake. When the hauler is in position for loading or dumping, the operator presses a button to automatically apply the brakes and place the transmission in neutral. This improves safety and minimizes wear on the brakes and drivetrain. Once loading or dumping has been completed, the operator selects a gear and the Load and Dump Brake is disengaged.
All five A25E’s will go to work for Raymond Brown Construction Ltd, a division within the Group and join an EC460BLC excavator and an L120E loading shovel delivered in 2007. In addition to the trucks, Raymond Brown has ordered a twenty four tonne EC240C excavator and an L150F loading shovel for its mineral and recycling division, for delivery in February. These two machines will go to work on a specific recycling project being undertaken by Raymond Brown Recycling and Minerals Ltd at Blue Haze landfill site near Ringwood, Hampshire. Together the excavator and loading shovel will process 90000 tonnes per annum of IBA (Incinerator Bottom Ash) delivered to the site from three incinerator plants located in Basingstoke, Portsmouth and Southampton. Says Mr Isaac; “Again we’ve settled on Volvo products as we are confident about product quality and Volvo’s ability to support the product in the field.”

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