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RDS – The weigh forward in quarry planning

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

On-board weighing including the latest data management tools and telemetry links is a serious consideration when seeking to maximise site productivity.
The new Loadmaster i from RDS Technology offers a new weighing algorithm for increased accuracy when weighing on the move over uneven ground. This allows trucks to be loaded quicker and as accurately as possible to further increase productivity. An integral SD/MMC card reader also provides a straightforward transfer of weighing data to a PC and allows records to be kept of customer and product load summaries enabling faster invoice preparation.
This principle is advanced further by the DMM (Data Management Module) option on the Loadmaster 9000i. This enhanced software feature is centred on the memory card and provides six specific reference fields that could include customer address, vehicle, product, delivery address and source. It also offers the ability to upload customer order information to the weighing system from a PC. Combined with a comprehensive database search facility, the DMM is ideal for operations where detailed data records are required.
RDS also offers the Loadlink Telemetry System, which in tandem with the Loadmaster i, uses a two-way radio modem to transmit a loading schedule specific to customer requirements from the weighbridge office direct to the loading shovel. The benefits of such communication include the transmission of clear instructions to the loader, vehicles spending a shorter time on site and full reporting capabilities help identify bottlenecks.
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