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Midnight Sun Shines for OTR

Friday, March 13th, 2009

OTR Tyres Ltd, one of the world’s leading earthmover tyre specialists, have secured a long term contract with Sydvaranger Gruve AS to supply the full OTR TotalTyreLogic earthmover tyre service to the Sydvaranger mine in Norway.
The five year contract will see OTR supply the mine with tyres for all the operating vehicles on-site.
“We will be based in Bjørnevatn, 8 km from Kirkenes in the far north of Norway, where the winter temperatures can fall to -30°C and below, so this project is quite a challenge, but one that is well within our portfolio,” commented OTR Managing Director Chris Skelton.
A full tyre management system will be in operation including tyre supply, on-site service and maintenance for all vehicles – earthmover, truck and light commercial/4WD. In addition to tyres, all related accessories – rims, valves, etc – will be OTR’s responsibility. The on-site service also includes tyre monitoring and data collection to ensure the most cost effective use of tyre resources.
Repairs will also be carried out by the experienced OTR tyre service engineers on-site and service will be handled by the new 36T Iveco Trakker
8 x 4 truck, complete with HMF 422OK2 truck loader to handle the largest tyres – and an optional ‘Arctic pack’ to handle the extremes of weather!
OTR are working closely with Michelin and Bridgestone to ensure the best products are available for use at the site, where haul roads and distances will require tyres to be monitored closely.
“The full TotalTyreLogic service will be implemented, recording and monitoring data and then working with mine management to ensure the most cost effective use of tyres is employed,” continued Chris Skelton.
The recently reopened iron ore mine will be providing resources for European steel companies, with estimated deposits expected to last for 20-25 years.
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