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Flex-Mat® 3: Increases Throughput & Durability in Coal Operations

Monday, March 16th, 2009

Flex-Mat® 3 High-Performance, Self-Cleaning Screen Media from Montreal-based Major Wire Industries Limited helps solve rapid screen wear and blinding challenges in coal processing. Flex-Mat 3’s independently vibrating wires increase product throughput by up to 40 percent over traditional woven wire or polyurethane panels by eliminating blinding, pegging and clogging. In addition, it has up to 30 percent more open area than woven wire for up to 30 percent more material throughput. Properly sized for the application and correctly installed, Flex-Mat 3 greatly increases screening efficiency, resulting in more spec product on the ground for less cost. To date, Flex-Mat 3 is operating in more than 15,000 applications worldwide.
Wear life exceeds that of woven wire up to three times because there are no cross wires with high wear spots as there is with woven wire. Producers put more spec product on the ground due to less downtime for cleaning or replacing screens, providing a greater return on investment without the need to make major screen box changes. Major Wire’s Flex-Mat 3 saves coal operators thousands of dollars per screen retrofit, when compared to shifting to polyurethane systems or installing new screen boxes.
Clay content within coal can cause severe blinding problems for both woven wire and polyurethane, resulting in significant lost screen capacity and hours of downtime to clean the screens. Coal is also very corrosive and quickly wears out woven wire screens. Some producers increase the size of their woven wire screen boxes to increase capacity, but at great expense. Others shift to polyurethane panels for longer wear life; however, capacity is often greatly reduced in exchange for the added wear life.
Flex-Mat® 3: The Solution To Tough Coal Screening Challenges
Flex-Mat 3’s signature lime green polyurethane strips symbolize innovation, quality and increased efficiency. These strips align to the screen box’s crown bars and hold individual wires in place as they run from hook to hook. The wires vibrate independently to better separate material, virtually eliminating blinding in coal applications.
Because of coal’s corrosive properties, many coal producers opt for Flex-Mat 3 stainless steel wire for its tough wear characteristics. Depending on the spec product desired and the size of the original material, some producers choose either Flex-Mat “D” or “T” (heavy-duty) configurations. Flex-Mat “D” consistently produces accurate material separation, while “T” (heavy-duty) is used in applications with high material impact on screens. Flex-Mat “T” for fine screening reduces blinding of very fine material.
Pioneered by Major Wire in 1996, Flex-Mat technology provides the industry with a significant advancement in screening performance: a non-woven, self-cleaning wire screen media that can significantly increase coal production while it reduces downtime to free blinded or clogged screens.
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