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Three timely firsts for simulation and modeling software

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Simio LLC’s new simulation and modeling Design Edition beta release software offers users three important industry-exclusive firsts:
• Users can create their own 3D modeling components without writing code, saving time and extending the benefits beyond specialists
• Simio simulation software is integrated with Google’s 3D Warehouse, enabling users to download hundreds of thousands of Google 3D Warehouse modeling components without cost
• Automatic conversion from 2D to 3D animation enhances the utility of simulation
“In today’s competitive market, no one can afford to remain static. Survival requires change,” notes Dennis Pegden, Simio founder, chairman and CEO. “Today – more than ever – you need to change your systems to improve performance and reduce costs. Our software, which is now available for beta testing, can help improve business performance in a wide range of industries, such as manufacturing, logistics, supply chain, material handling, mining, airports, and heath care.”
Users can create their own 3D modeling components
Simio’s breakthrough software enhances efficiency by enables user to create their own 3D modeling components using intelligent objects. By eliminating the need to write code, Simio saves users time — and even non-specialists can easily use the software to create life-like models of processes.
“Often those closest to the business operations can’t write text-based code,” Pegden points out. “So when simulation and modeling is restricted to only those who can write code, businesses cannot reap the full benefits the software offers. Removing this barrier is a real game-changer in the simulation industry.
“Organizations that have avoided using simulation software – or those that have abandoned other simulation software because of its complexity – now can reap the benefits of simulation,” he adds.
Integration with Google’s 3D Warehouse
Simio also is the first to integrate simulation software with Google’s 3D Warehouse, an online, searchable repository of 3D objects. This integration means that Simio computer simulation users can now download hundreds of thousands of Google 3D Warehouse modeling components without cost, and use those components to realistically model system components.
These 3D objects can be downloaded without ever leaving the Simio software, thus saving time. The instant the 3D component is downloaded from Google’s 3D Warehouse into Simio simulation software; it can be integrated into an intelligent object. This means users can modify it to fit the specific needs of each application, creating versatile and truly customized simulations.
First to offer an automatic conversion from 2D to 3D animation
The ability to automatically convert objects from 2D to 3D animation is another industry-first that the trendsetting software delivers. By making 3D animation easier, Simio has removed yet another barrier to harnessing the full power of simulation.
“Simio’s patent-pending design lets you create your own custom modeling objects without programming,” Pegden says. “Simio is easy for the beginning user, and provides a new level of power to the most advanced user.”
Design Edition BETA Evaluation Available Now
The new Simio Design Edition software is available for risk-free, no-cost beta trial by joining Simio Insiders:

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