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Bucyrus ICDS system offers improved control of Face conveyors

Friday, March 27th, 2009

More than 400 Controlled Start Transmission (CST) gearboxes have been delivered worldwide since 1994. This intelligent drive system is the result of a long-standing cooperation between Bucyrus International Inc. and Baldor Electric Company and its predecessors. The Integrated CST Drive System (ICDS) is a further development resulting from this successful collaboration. It combines the tried-and-tested CST drive system for face conveyors and a newly developed special Baldor Electric motor with Bucyrus’s state-of-the-art PMC®-D drive control system in a single unit.
The ICDS 1200 has a special asynchronous motor from Baldor Electric Company, with a rated power of 1.200 kW (1,650 hp). The nominal motor running torque is 7.640 Nm (5,635 lbft) at full nominal speed. The maximum AFC starting torque (breakdown torque) is 3 x 19.100 Nm (14,090 lbft). Space is provided for integrated protected mounting of PMC®-D controls and all necessary measuring devices. The power cable can be equipped with a Victor plug.
Additional features compared to a CST gearbox with a regular motor:
– Real power measurement for accurate load sharing allows torque oriented operation in case of weak power supply or overrated motors
– Integrated Control Unit
– Capability of monitoring:
o Winding temperature
o Bearing temperature
o Conduit box temperature
o Water inlet/outlet temperature
o Bearing vibration trending
– Compact design
– Less cabling due to integrated devices.
In conventional systems, the electronics is distributed throughout the longwall, requiring substantial cabling. The fact that all elements are located directly at the motor means shorter cabling and higher quality of data and measurements. This allows better control of drives. The ICDS is in successful service already at two longwall mines in the Western USA.
For further information visit: www.bucyrus.com

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