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New Modular® Technology Increases Mine Safety

Monday, April 6th, 2009

Modular Mining Systems, Inc., the leader in information management solutions for mining operations worldwide, announces the release of the RoadMap™ Position and Safety Tracking System. The latest piece of technology from Modular provides a portable position tracking solution that enhances safety for light vehicles.
With the all new RoadMap system, sites are able to continuously monitor position and speed of vehicles, area access, road networks, and proximity to hazardous objects. Users are able to see their current position in the mine on a moving map displayed on their PDA.
The system improves response time in emergency situations, replays accident scenarios, and enforces speed limits. Mine sites are able to prevent unauthorized access, reduce unproductive time resulting from lost personnel, and minimize accident risk from known hazards using this portable, affordable, and scalable solution.
Office users are able to edit road networks, define hazards and speed limits, and set rules for accessing controlled areas. Additionally, real-time communications provide instant rule violation alarms in the office, up-to-date position of all field units, and a chat utility.
“While there are other similar products in the market, the RoadMap system is really the first one designed exclusively for mining,” says Andree Röttig, product manager. “It is designed to increase safety and production at small mines and to complement the DISPATCH® system at larger sites.”
For further information visit: www.modularmining.com

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