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Caterpillar and Bergerat Monnoyeur Display an Industry-First Compact Radius Hydraulic Excavator for Demolition at Intermat

Monday, April 20th, 2009

The Caterpillar 328D Medium Size Hydraulic Excavator is the first compact radius excavator specially equipped for demolition in urban or restricted areas. The machine, currently exhibited at Intermat construction trade show in Paris, France, from 20 to 25 April 2009, was designed and prepared for demolition purposes by the French Caterpillar dealer Bergerat Monnoyeur.
“There is a growing interest towards the compact radius machines in the demolition industry. They are safer and practical in particularly when used in demolition projects in cities where the space is often confined. That is why we’ve built this machine; to offer our customers something that is currently not available in the market,” explains Jacques Gavillet, Demolition Manager at Bergerat Monnoyeur.
The concept of the 328D for demolition is simple. The standard reach boom of 6.15 meters was modified in order to allow two positions; boom cylinders can now be mounted either underneath or in the normal guide. In order to offer the maximum working height Bergerat Monnoyeur designed and built a special stick of 5 meters enabling a maximum reach of up to 14 meters. In this configuration the excavator can carry a hydraulic quick coupler CW45 and a multi processor MP20. The 328D being an extremely stable machine, there was no issue equipping it for demolition purposes where stability is a key criterion.
Thanks to the boom cylinders, the 328D can thus work either with the demolition stick or the normal stick depending on the work carried out – a change from one stick to another is simple thanks to a quick release. This adds to the versatility of the 328D significantly. Moreover the 328D can be equipped with a blade.
“This is a good alternative also from the financial point of view. We’ve used a standard 328D excavator on which the modified boom and the demolition stick can be added with small adjustments. Compared to a true demolition machine, this is a very economic option,” Jacques Gavillet adds.

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