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NC State University announces simulation classes in Lean Six Sigma training program that include new software by Simio

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Simio LLC is pleased to announce that the North Carolina State University Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt program now includes classes using its new Simio simulation software.
“The class is designed for those who want to learn process simulation for making decisions or conducting process improvement projects, without being burdened with low-level programming,” says Jeffrey A. Joines, Associate Professor in the Textile Engineering, Chemistry, and Science Department at NC State University. Dr. Joines continues, “The idea is that Simio software is easy for non-experienced simulation users to use to build process simulation models that aid in process improvement projects.”
Classes will be of interest to operations managers in industries such as health care, defense, national security, mining, shipping, airports, supply chain and manufacturing. Simulation software is used to help minimize the risk of capital investments and clarify lean operation initiatives.
This class is part of the North Carolina State University Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt program. Attendees are not required to be part of the Six Sigma program, nor will it impact students’ ability in the class.
Prerequisites are general familiarity with computer programs like Excel and basic understanding of statistics. The course is designed in three parts.
1. Part I will be an introduction to simulation, statistics and distributions.
2. Part II will be introduction to process simulation with SIMIO
3. Part III will cover advanced simulation topics with SIMIO.
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