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Minova Minetek commissions second resin-capsule machine

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Global mining consumables leader Minova has further expanded operations at the Minova Minetek plant at Hyderabad in India with the commissioning of a second machine for the automatic production of resin capsules.
This new machine demonstrates Minova’s continuing commitment to investment in capacity and technology to support the drive by the Indian coal mining industry to increase output without compromising safety.
Minova Minetek is the only resin capsule manufacturer in India to make resin capsules using international-standard machinery. This ensures the high performance and consistent quality demanded by high-production mining methods, especially the continuous miners which are starting to make an impact in Indian coal mines.
Demand for Minova Minetek’s resin capsules was expanding rapidly so the decision was taken to install a second capsule-making production line. The first line has been operating since 2003.
The second capsule machine was part of a wider plant upgrade which included installation of mechanised blending equipment and raising safety and environmental standards to the levels of Orica Group, Minova’s parent company.
Further expansion plans for Minova Minetek include building on the leading position held by Minova International in injection resins for strata consolidation and water and gas sealing.
Speakers from Minova companies from Australia, Germany and South Africa introduced these technologies at a well-attended industry seminar on fire-fighting and fire control in coalmines, held at the Directorate General of Mine Safety in Dhanbad, India, during March of this year.
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