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Allenwest Wallacetown highlighted on BBC Scotland

Monday, May 18th, 2009

In a television and radio news feature broadcast on Wednesday 6 May 2009 Allenwest Wallacetown were featured as a Scottish company who were flourishing in contrast to the more general manufacturing downturn currently impacting the country.
The BBC reported:
“ But while some larger factories are struggling, some smaller firms in niche markets are doing well.
Allenwest Wallacetown Ltd Irvine makes electrical switch gear for mining machinery.
Executive Director Jim Walker said they had been hit by a downturn in some export markets such as Russia, but that others were compensating for that.
He said: “There’s always one country to take the place of another for exports, and this year it is Turkey and next year India will be big. We believe China, which has always been a good market for us, will continue to grow. ”
The company has just made a capital investment of £500,000 in new machinery and has increased its workforce over the past year.“
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