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The New BF: MB Answer to Customers’ Needs

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

MB S.p.A., a Vicenza company and worldwide leader in the production and sales of bucket crushers, was at the Intermat trade fair in Paris (from 20 to 25 April) to present its latest product, a new bucket crusher, the result of ongoing investments in technological research and the continuous attention to its customers’ needs. The company has decided to present this new product during one of the most important international trade fairs in the sector of construction, to highlight the importance of this event.
The historical model has been transformed to offer an even more revolutionary product on the market, thanks to the in-depth research of the MB team and technical engineers. The company is committed to the constant satisfaction of customers’ requirements, ever attentive to their needs, carefully listening to all problems faced every day on construction sites, finding solutions most suited to the various international situations in which MB S.p.A. operates. It is also thanks to the long-lasting relationships and loyalty of clients that MB can produce bucket crushers that represent a valid work tool. The new version of the bucket crusher is in fact more resistant in work, featuring a more compact size and improved structural layout to facilitate operator manoeuvres on the excavator.
Despite the world crisis affecting all sectors, MB confirms its success and keeps on investing in research and development, giving priority to vertical specialisation in the production of a single product that enables the guarantee of high quality and top performing bucket crushers. Also, company participation in major national and international events in this sector has enabled MB to establish and strengthen relationships and loyalty with clients, who always receive special attention.
At the Intermat fair, MB S.p.A. was presenting a historical product of the MB house, in a modernised version, once again demonstrating that the investments in research and technology offered to clients ensure that the company achieves the maximum levels of quality and satisfaction.
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