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Outset srl – M&T Expo stand G21

Monday, June 1st, 2009

Having exceeded the target of 8,000 system units sold on the European market, Outset has established itself as a leader in the market of industrial vehicle on board weighing systems.
OUTSET was the first company in Italy to introduce on board weighing systems for industrial vehicles to control loads carried and has consistently made conspicuous investments in Research and Development, with a view to continuous improvement of its products.
The aim has always been to develop innovative instruments that use the latest generation of technology, while constantly maintaining the feature that distinguishes the company’s products: great simplicity in use.
The specific focus on keeping up with market trends, with constant research performed “in the field”, allows the company to to test users needs in real situations.
Outset will be present at the next occasion of M&T EXPO in São Paulo and will introduce some interesting innovations to update and enhance the LANX Blu and LANX Global industrial vehicle weighing systems, increasing the functions available and simplifying the use of these instruments, which have become indispensable today.
System calibration and maintenance has been made easier and time spent on these activities has been reduced, also offering greater possibilities of adaptation to the individual needs of users and maintainers.
A new and highly innovative instrument will also be introduced for the earthmoving and logistics sectors: VISION EVOLUTION, which will be marketed alongside the already well-known E.T. and Vision systems. The innovations in this new system will involve the hardware components, with a new generation of solutions that drastically reduce installation time, as well as the new “intuitive” operator-friendly procedure for utilization. In keeping with the multimedia philosophy of the new generation, the new system will be equipped with a single software for weighing on several vehicles, with the possibility of managing multiple sets of data and transfer them onto different supports. The upcoming international metric standardisation will project it to the highest levels of the market for on board weighing systems.
Nevertheless, the E.T. system is highly regarded in the sector. This system is diversified due to its simple use and extremely competitive cost, despite the fact that it automatically and immediately displays both the partial and total weight of the material, in a dynamic way, without interrupting operations.
Outset will also be introducing WildTruckin’, the company trademark that was created to inspire a group spirit among truck drivers, who may regard it as a point of reference to help them carry out their work more efficiently.
At Outset we believe that the world of over-the-road transport is one big family where sticking together and cooperating makes us all better because … in union there is strength! From the very beginning, we have always been a company that travels with truckers. Our systems for controlling and managing on board weighing were developed by responding to their requests and learning directly from their experience. This is why we created the Wild Truckin’ trademark, reserved for truckers and offering the advantage of exclusive services just for them. Our symbol is the buffalo, an animal that is free, wild and sure of his force in every situation. But even a buffalo needs the herd to strengthen its own identity and to benefit from the solidarity of the group, This is the world of Wild Truckin’, the social dimension for all truckers, even the wildest!
For more information visit: www.wildtruckin.it / www.outset.it

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