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M&T Expo

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Mining and Quarry World is attending M&T Expo 2009 the seventh International Trade Fair for Construction Equipment and the fifth International Trade Fair for Mining Equipment. Its organisers claim it is the largest show of its kind in the Southern hemisphere. Two other important events taking place concurrently with the fair this year are ELACOM (the Latin American Encounter for Construction and Mining) which has sustainability as its keynote, and the Sao Paulo Association of Construction Developers and Renters of Earthmoving and Compressed Air Machines award for the rental sector.
The total area of the Imigrantes Exhibition Centre is 85,000m², of which 52,000 is occupied by 424 exhibitors, 191 exhibitors being from outside of Brazil, displaying over 500 brands.
Over 1,000 items of equipment weighting one to 70 tonnes are on display, with an approximate value of US$96 million. The organisers are expecting 42,000 visitors with 4,000 from 35 different countries. Work on the site has given employment to 5,000 temporary employees.
Sobratema, the Brazilian Association for Technology in Equipment and Maintenance, the association responsible for M&T Expo, estimate that 50,000 mining and construction machines are sold annually on the Brazilian market, totaling US$4.7billion per annum, and they claim that 10% of the business is generated at M&T Expo.
The official opening ceremony was attended by the Mayor, and the overall view of the industry was very positive. It was stressed that Brazil is a young and growing country, and is looking forward to the challenges and opportunities arising from the forthcoming World Cup in 2014. The increased requirements for infrastructure, including roads, airports, hotels and stadiums can only be uplifting for the industry.

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