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Michelin hosts Michelin XHA2 Experience Day

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Michelin XHA2 Experience Day was held on June 2-4, 2009 at the Michelin Technology Center in Almeria, Spain. It enabled 140 earthmover dealers from approximately 20 European countries to visit the world’s largest center devoted exclusively to the development of earthmover tires, where they were able to test loaders fitted with the new Michelin XHA2 lineup and judge the tire’s performance. The event—the first of its kind in Europe—was created to provide an opportunity for Michelin to meet and exchange views with its dealers.
Designed for small and mid-size loaders, the Michelin XHA2 is the latest generation of the Michelin XHA tire. Launched in the late 1980s, the XHA has since then established itself as the industry benchmark with 1.5 million units sold worldwide. Last May, distributors from Europe and around the world began offering their client companies the new tire, which meets three fundamental business goals: it reduces hourly costs, ensures that work continues smoothly and safely, and improves operator working conditions.
To attain these results, Michelin designed the XHA2 to be especially robust. The tire stands out from the competition in three ways:
• Additional rubber has been incorporated in the tread, making the tire even more damage-resistant.
• The sidewalls have been strengthened with a special protective rib and anti-scrape shields.
• Michelin developed crack rotation rubber compounds that help to prevent flats.
The Michelin XHA2 lasts up to 10% longer than its predecessor. The tread improves traction and makes the tire self-cleaning (expelling earth caught between tread blocks) while reducing temporary losses of grip. This optimized traction reduces rolling resistance and therefore fuel consumption.
The Michelin XHA2’s patented tread design drastically reduces vibrations that can be felt by operators and cause damage to mechanical components. What’s more, the tire reduces the oscillations caused by heavy loads and frequent changes of direction thanks to its bigger contact patch.
The technology center where Michelin XHA2 Experience Day was held was created by the tire maker in 1977 for the express purpose of developing earthmover tires. Covering 4,500 hectares, the site has more than 100 km of tracks. The latest-generation vehicles on which tests are conducted are faced with the most severe conditions of use, from simple sandy tracks to the harshest mining environment.
For further information visit: www.michelin.com

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