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Cirrus launches Versatile Noise Activated Warning Sign

Friday, June 19th, 2009

Cirrus Research plc, the UK company which specialises in the design and development of noise measurement equipment for health and safety applications, has unveiled its new electronic noise activated warning sign – the Sound Sign.
The Sound Sign is a highly visible noise activated warning sign that has been designed for use in environments where there is a need to warn or indicate when a designated noise level is exceeded.
Easy to install and operate, it is controlled by setting a noise trigger level, and connecting the 12v power supply to the unit. When noise reaches the set level, the Sound Sign illuminates and the warning information can be clearly seen.
Suitable for the management and control of noise levels in many different applications, Sound Sign is perfect for use in industrial workplaces.
James Tingay, Group Marketing Manager for Cirrus Research said:
“In the workplace, noise surveys may have indicated that at times, recommended noise levels are exceeded, but that the wearing of constant hearing protection is not required. By using the Sound Sign, employees can be quickly and easily informed when PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is required and when it can be removed. Sound Sign remains inactive and blank when sound levels are at an acceptable level, removing any confusion that can occur with traditional warning signs.
Apart from Health & Safety applications, the Sound Sign can also be used in offices, libraries, hospitals and schools, with custom versions available with messages designed to inform about designated quiet areas.”
If there is a need ensure that the warning can be seen over a large area, up to three Remote Display Units can be quickly and simply connected to the Master Unit, mirroring the action and information of the controlling Sound Sign. It can also be easily upgraded with a Data Logger which can record noise levels over long periods of time, allowing the user to detect patterns of noise.
The Sound Sign was previewed at the recent Safety & Health Expo, where the unique design and simple operation met with widespread approval and interest from many visitors.
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