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Volvo A40E passes the test at E & JW Glendinning

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

A Volvo A40E articulated hauler purchased twelve months ago has passed the rigours as prime mover at E & JW Glendinning Limited’s Linhay Hill Quarry, Ashburton, Devon according to quarry supervisor Reg Perrow as a second A40E is ordered.
Delivered new in the spring of 2008, the first Volvo A40E articulated hauler for Glendinning helped to endorse Volvo Construction Equipment’s reputation for first class after sales support when it faltered on its first outing to the face. But since then, according to quarry supervisor Reg Perrow, the 40 tonne truck has performed faultlessly hauling shot rock from the quarry face to the plant. “We wanted to see if 40 tonne articulated haulers could replace our fleet of 50 tonne rigids,” explained Reg. “Having operated Volvo A35’s for a while primarily on overburden removal and moving material around the stock piles, we were reasonably confident about Volvo’s larger truck for hauling from the face and are pleased to say it passes the test here at Linhay.” A second A40E has been ordered and the two will soon work in tandem, replacing the Euclid R50’s and R60 trucks to produce in the region of 500000 tonnes of limestone per annum.
The Volvo A40E is equipped with a Volvo 16-litre turbo-charged high-performance low emission diesel engine developing 471 net hp and develops high torque at low engine speed. This is an important feature when starting from a standstill, making the hauler easy to manoeuvre in difficult terrain. The machine has all-wheel drive and 100% differential-locks, giving the operator many driving options. The hauler can go practically anywhere, economically and efficiently. The entire drivetrain – engine, transmission, dropbox and axles – is made up of Volvo components. Besides the larger 16 litre engine, the A40E benefits from a nine speed forward and three speed reverse transmission and a design of drop box eliminating the need for high and low ratio speeds. Retardation is achieved through the machine’s service brakes rather than the transmission.
The dump body has a standard load capacity of 39000kg with an 18.8m³ heaped SAE 2:1 volume with the full tailgate fitted and is constructed with 400HB steel throughout providing both high yield and tensile strength. Glendinning has added optional side extensions and a foldable headboard to their A40E to give the truck optimum carrying capacity on overburden jobs and added protection to the tractor unit from wayward rocks when being loaded at the face. A unique feature is the patented Volvo Load and Dump Brake. When the hauler is in position for loading or dumping, the operator presses a button to automatically apply the brakes and place the transmission in neutral. This improves safety and minimizes wear on the brakes and drivetrain. Once loading or dumping has been completed, the operator selects a gear and the Load and Dump Brake is disengaged.
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