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Sandvik investing in Hunter region “Supersite”

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Sandvik Mining and Construction has begun the process of building what will be one of the company’s largest manufacturing, assembly and repair centres in the world – integrating a number of its NSW facilities into a single operation.
Sandvik has been working closely with the NSW state government and Port Stephens Council on a site for its new Hunter Valley Supersite (HVS) facility, and has recently signed a contract to shortly start construction on a 16-hectare greenfields site at Heatherbrae, just north of Newcastle.
According to Rowan Melrose, Sandvik Region Australia-Pacific’s Managing Director, the company’s growth – both organically and through acquisition – meant there was a need for an integrated manufacturing, repair and engineering centre of excellence in Australia.
“And because Australia is one of our biggest single regions globally, we felt it essential that this new centre set the benchmark for our operations,” he said.
Construction of Sandvik’s new HVS facility will start during 2009, and is planned for completion by late 2010.
It will combine a number of Sandvik’s existing Australian-based businesses – serving both Australian and global markets – in a single site.
“An important element of the Supersite is to bring all our acquired operations into a single business under the Sandvik banner, so that they are less seen as a collection of separate Businesses,” said Melrose.
“This new centre will help Sandvik achieve two key outcomes: Consolidate the rebranding of our various acquisitions under the Sandvik name, and continue unifying our business segments.
Melrose said the new facility would also highlight the size and scope of the Sandvik business, not only in Australia, but globally.
“Sandvik Mining and Construction Region Australia-Pacific is one of the biggest regions for Sandvik globally, and this new centre is a major boost for our region and where it’s going; despite the financial shocks of the past few months, we are very positive about the longer term,” he said.
“It’s a real vote of confidence in Sandvik Region Australia-Pacific by Sandvik globally, as well as a vote of confidence in the Hunter Valley region and in what we can offer – not just in our aftermarket business, but also in our manufacturing and assembly capabilities.
“Our new HVS centre of excellence will deliver significant synergies in the way we operate in Australia, as well as allowing us to share services that are currently fragmented,” said Melrose.
For further information visit: www.sandvik.com

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