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ScanLink HPA140 amplifier delivers boost to mobile radio networks

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Wood & Douglas, the leading independent manufacturer of professional radio solutions, today announced the launch of wireless amplifier, ScanLink HPA 140, to provide improved communications across VHF radio networks.
The ScanLink HPA140 is a Class C amplifier, featuring high power gain (up to 50 Watts output), flexible power supply options, processor controlled fan cooling (reducing carbon footprint) and internal antenna connection monitoring.
Initially designed for the needs of the UK utility market, the ScanLink HPA140 amplifier provides a more effective means by which utilities can deliver tele-protection, enabling them to diagnose faults remotely and monitor the performance of and protect the value of remote assets.
Alan Wood, Managing Director of Wood & Douglas said: “Utilities are regulated to deliver a high quality service to customers. They need to know how their assets are performing and be aware of issues as quickly as possible to ensure the efficient provision of service. The ScanLink HPA140 amplifier allows utilities to utilise wireless communications between remote sites and control centres, reusing frequency allocated to the UK utility market to deliver remote monitoring and management solutions.”
Many utility base stations are located on prime hilltop sites and share mast space with other networks. The ScanLink HPA140 enables low power drive sources to be boosted in output to overcome insertion losses and deliver a more reliable wireless solution over longer distances.
“Whilst the initial product motivation was the utilities market, the ScanLink HPA140 can be applied across any mobile radio network where there is a need for VHF power amplification,” continued Alan Wood.
For further information visit: www.woodanddouglas.co.uk

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