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Bucyrus PMC®-P allows real-time data transfer between various automated subsystems of a longwall

Friday, July 17th, 2009

As a member of the PMC® family of Programmable Mining Controls, the Bucyrus PMC®-P offers a standalone XP optical-fiber Ethernet solution for state-of-the-art communication between controllers, the computer network and third-party systems. This allows real-time data exchange between subsystems and monitoring and control from underground or surface control centers. The system allows data rates of up to 100 Mbit/s and transmission over a range of up to 9 km without repeaters. The PMC®-P comes in a flameproof (FLP) housing and is powered by a single 12V 1.4 A power supply.
The PMC®-P allows data transfer between the various automated subsystems of the longwall (shearer, AFC and roof supports). Data from third-party equipment can also be integrated, with appropriate translation of data and commands.
This high-speed data communication allows real-time monitoring and data exchange between the subsystems and between underground and surface control centers for the first time. Also, the increasing number of automated systems and the growing flood of data from ever more sensors make high transmission speeds essential.
Fiber optics allows distances of 9 km to be covered without repeaters. This is of particular interest for transmission to the surface, particularly when the mine does not have a computer network that extends to the face. The optical barrier for all signals simplifies worldwide approval. The PMC®-P has been approved in Europe and Ukraine, and Chinese approval is in progress.
Equipped with a FLP (flameproof) housing, the PMC®-P has 4 inputs for subsystems and two outputs with one mine-duty hose patch cable for easy optical fiber connection.
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