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Monitran announces its “Grip Tight” bodied vibration sensors and accelerometers

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Monitran, a world leader in the development and manufacture of sensors for the measurement of vibration and displacement, has made its general purpose vibration sensors and accelerometers available as “Grip Tight” (GT) versions. With Grip Tight (patent pending), the fitting or removal of a sensor to/from its GT stud takes mere seconds – yet the mechanical bond, essential for the transfer of energy, is assured.
Unlike a traditional threaded mounting option, there is no need to screw the sensor onto the stud. This is a major plus when using sensors with integral cables, which would otherwise have their cables twisted when tightening the sensor onto the stud. The Grip Tight method also removes, completely, the risk of sheering the stud-to-machine bond; be it screw or adhesive.
A GT-bodied sensor has no hexagonal base, as a spanner is not required for mounting the sensor to its stud. Instead, tightening a grub screw draws the base of the sensor down onto its GT-stud. James Holland, Monitran’s Engineering Coordinator, comments: “Grip Tight has all the ease-of-use of a magnetic mount but affords the permanency and mechanical stability of a screw mount.”
Sensors available with the new GT body include Monitran’s MTN/1100 family, which have isolated AC outputs and are ideal for vibration analysis, and the MTN/1185 family, which have DC outputs and are ideal for machine protection.
Grip Tight is ideally suited to applications where the vibration sensor is not necessarily going to be a permanent fixture. For example, the sensor might be taken from machine to machine as part of a regular vibration-based condition monitoring routine.
Holland continues: “A prototype of the Grip Tight stud was shown at MAINTEC, where customers expressed immediate interest in the concept. Specifically, they recognised how Grip Tight affords extended durability through greatly reducing the risk of damage during installation and removal.“
As standard the GT studs are available as M6 or M8 male or female threads, but can be made-to-order with virtually any stud-to-machine mounting method.
Also as standard, the grub screw in the sensor body will be a 4mm thread and sensors will be supplied with Allan keys.
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