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New 4200 SM surface miner from Wirtgen: Maximum performance in large-scale opencast mining

Monday, July 27th, 2009

The new 4200 SM is a high-performance machine for mine operators and customers in large-scale opencast mining whose goal is to achieve an annual mining capacity in soft rock of up to 12 million tons with a single machine while wanting to make full use of the benefits offered by Wirtgen’s selective mining technology that enables cutting, crushing and loading in a single working pass. The surface miner is available to customers in two different designs: as a powerful mining expert for hard rock, such as iron ore, bauxite or phosphate, or for use in various types of soft rock including, for example, coal or lignite. The miner has a cutting width of 4.20 m and is capable of working at a maximum cutting depth of 83 cm in soft rock.
The 4200 SM is synonymous with tremendous power
The heavy-duty machine is equipped with a 16-cylinder diesel engine from Cummins, making it the ideal candidate for a wide range of applications as its power of 1,194 kW / 1,623 PS offers tremendous reserve capacity. Being the most powerful machine in the surface miner division, the 4200 SM complements Wirtgen’s product portfolio in the upper performance class. Generously dimensioned tanks offering capacities of 2,900 l for diesel and 10,000 l for water additionally increase the miner’s uptime.
A two-stage conveyor system with 1,800 mm wide primary and discharge conveyors and a discharge conveyor length of 12,000 mm or 16,000 mm respectively, supports the miner’s impressive cutting performance of up to 3,000 tons per hour. The discharge conveyor’s large slewing angle of 180 degrees, flexible height adjustment and variable belt speed ensure smooth loading of large transport trucks even in space-restricted conditions.
The right cutting technology – whether in hard rock or soft rock
Customized components manufactured to the high quality standards of Wirtgen’s cutting technology have been precisely adapted to the miner and the rock to be mined, enabling the 4200 SM to achieve maximum production rates at low cutting tool wear and tear. Depending on the operation and the material to be mined, the cutting drums are fitted with different numbers of cutting tools at different tool spacings.
For applications in soft rock with unconfined compressive strengths of up to 50 MPa, the 4200 SM is equipped with a 4.20 m wide cutting drum unit with larger cutting diameter, permitting cutting depths of up to 83 cm. In soft rock, the operation focuses on the throughput of large quantities of the material to be mined.
The largest Wirtgen miner can alternatively be equipped with a drum assembly offering a cutting width of 4.20 m and a cutting depth of 65 cm for applications in hard rock with unconfined compressive strengths ranging from 30 MPa to 80 MPa. It aims at achieving maximum cutting performance in hard materials at reduced cutting depths. Both cutting drums can optionally be equipped with the tried and tested HT14 quick-change toolholder system for the fast replacement of cutting tools.
Fully equipped for long and tough mining operations
Ergonomic design of the operator’s workplace was another major point in the machine’s development as long uptimes or even continuous operation are required in the deposits to increase productivity and to ensure maximum utilization for an economical operation of the large machines.
The 4200 SM’s cabin has undergone a complete redesign: It is located above the front, left-hand crawler track unit and is isolated from the vibrations and noise emissions of the engine and cutting drum by a parallelogram-type height adjustment system. The fully glazed operator’s platform offers the machine driver an exceptionally good view of all areas relevant for cutting and loading of the mined material. The cabin can additionally be swivelled about 45 degrees to either side, thus also permitting an optimum view of the loading operation and steering of the crawler tracks. The driver’s seat with all major controls installed in the armrests can be swivelled about 135 degrees to the left and right. The controls, which are integrated into both armrests in a clearly structured fashion, comprise all functions of the work process.
The operator’s cabin is soundproof and is supported on special anti-vibration buffers to protect the machine operator during the mining operation. To ensure pleasant working conditions, the cabin is equipped with a powerful air-conditioning unit for cooling or heating. These are all factors to improve the machine operator’s performance and power of concentration. The large machine’s user-friendliness is complemented by wide opening service panels offering excellent access to all points of maintenance.
Comprehensive safety package for country-specific requirements
Safety regulations are tightened in mineral deposits around the world. The new design of the 4200 SM takes account both of the stricter safety requirements and of new mining regulations. The miner’s comprehensive safety package includes, among other things, a FOPS roof to protect the operator from falling objects, a second emergency exit in addition to the hydraulically operated access ladders installed on both sides of the machine, fire extinguishers, and covers on all rotating parts. The access ladders and walkways are illuminated and consist of anti-skid grating. Several emergency stop switches can be actuated from the ground and are additionally installed in the engine compartment, at the electrical cabinet and in the operator’s cabin. The cabin’s location on that side of the machine opposite the embankment wall is yet another safety criterion offering maximum protection to the machine operator.
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