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Bucyrus presents advanced room & pillar technology and innovative belt systems solutions at the Bluefield Coal Show 2009

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

At 2009 Bluefield Coal Show on September 16 –18 at the Brushfork Armory Civic Center, Bluefield, West Virginia, Bucyrus will exhibit advanced room & pillar equipment and innovative belt systems products including a 25M2 Continuous Miner, a 488D Un-A-Trac scoop, idler rolls, scraper systems, a combination drive, and a belt buddy on display.
The Bucyrus Continuous Miner model 25M2 is a mid seam-seam drum miner that cuts material from the solid face with chainless cutting drums. The 25M2 sumps at the top of the seam and shears downward to the mine floor. A CLA (centrifugal loading arm) gathering head (3- or 6-finger CLA with replaceable tips) loads the mined material on the conveyor.
The 25M2 has a powerful variable frequency VFD traction system with wide crawlers for maximum tractive effort and low ground pressure. It is powered by a proven cutter head with power of 500 hp (373kW). The total installed power is 888 hp (662.5kW). The 25M2 has a load rate of up to 25 t/min (23 tonnes/min). It has a traction speed of up to 85 ft/min (25.9 m/min).
Optional radio remote / machine control with graphic display is available, as is dust suppression in the form of a wet-bed scrubber with either a side- or top-mounted inlet, depending on the model.
Bucyrus will also give information on the new upcoming 25C Continuous Miner. With 2 x 275 hp this miner provides the highest cutter hp of its machine class in the industry. The chassis and the pivot point designs are the largest of this class. The 25C is equipped with VFD traction control. The machine is suitable for low to mid seams within a range of 43 – 120” operating height with hard cutting conditions such as rock inclusions.
The Un-A-Trac 488D scoop offers an alternative to battery-powered low-seam utility vehicles when severe conditions are present. The 488D features a 156 hp turbocharged, aftercooled engine mated to a heavy-duty four-speed, Dana powershift transmission. The power train is housed in a robust frame that is 37.5″ (953mm) high when equipped with urethane-filled 35×15-15 tires. Dual 12 V batteries featuring 24 V start and 12 V system voltage provide complete flexibility in regard to function and maintainability of the electrical system. The Bucyrus diesel power pack can be provided in a fully permissible MSHA approved version.
It has a lift capacity of 16 tons (14.5 tonnes) and the Bucyrus Quick Attach System allows connection of a versatile range of attachments. It has an ergonomically designed cab with a Bucyrus control stick and SAHR failsafe outboard brakes.
As a world-leading supplier of room & pillar technology, Bucyrus will also inform visitors at the show about the new 25C development, advances in VFD drive applications and its broad range of rubber-tired diesel and battery-powered utility vehicles for various applications in underground mining operations. The company here offers coal haulers, scoops, LHDs, and roof support carriers – all designed to achieve maximum flexibility and return high productivity at minimum costs.
As innovative belt systems products Bucyrus will display two categories of idler rolls from its complete range of carry and return idlers for underground and aboveground applications: steel rolls and EXALON® rolls. Every Bucyrus roll is triple-tested for rotational torque, total indicated runout and bearing play – and the data is stored with the unique identifying data and serial number allowing monitoring of roll life.
The Bucyrus steel roll incorporates several patent-pending innovations and offering longer service life than competitive products. It employs a tapered roller bearing retention method which positions the bearing while ensuring consistent, reproducible end-play. Bucyrus engineers designed new assembly processes and techniques to ensure that every steel roll is put together the same way – and with consistent internal tolerances – to maximize bearing life.
The new steel roll features a new patent-pending grease retention method called Positive Automatic Lubrication or “Idler PAL” designed to ensure that the bearing is lubricated at all times. An element called a Compensator Disk moves to allow expansion of the grease when the roll is in motion and applies pressure to keep bearings tightly packed when motion stops.
EXALON® rolls are made of a high-molecular-weight polyethylene. EXALON® is a proprietary formulation which is fully conductive – and thus anti-static – and approved by the MSHA for flame resistance to ensure safe use in underground applications. EXALON® has been tested against the bulk material handling industry’s leading steel conveyor rolls and is proven to last significantly longer, especially in highly corrosive and highly abrasive environments. EXALON® offers extended life, decreased belt damage, reduced material accumulation, low noise and weight, and greater cost-effectiveness. EXALON® rolls have low coefficient of friction, allowing the belt to slide over frozen rolls without damage. Also, EXALON® rolls do not expose steel edges that could tear or damage conveyor belting – so there is no “pizza-cutter” effect.
Another patent-pending development is the RETRO-LOC, a device that allows rapid retrofitting of rolls to competitors’ frames. This is a unique, easy-to-use adapter that permits on-site adjustment, allowing retrofitting to virtually any competitive frame.
Mounted on the face of the discharge pulley, Bucyrus scraper blades are used as the primary or secondary cleaner on conveyors. A lateral sight gauge allows precise scraper tensioning, which is achieved by grease, air or hydraulic means.
Bucyrus scraper blades are available in different hardnesses for different conditions and conveyor belt speeds. The wide range of models is designed to meet the specific requirements of each customer. Effective operation and maximum life are ensured when installed by Bucyrus service technicians.
The Bucyrus Combo Drive consists of a drive unit and a take-up – all within one base. They are precision engineered to meet each customer’s specific mining and tunneling requirements. This unique configuration allows for driving panels up to 1500 ft (457 m) and is ideal for small- to mid-sized mining environments. Available as a stock model, the Bucyrus Combo Drive comes standard in 42” and 48” belt widths. Bucyrus Combo Drives are self-contained belt-driven units best suited for short panel runs.
The Bucyrus Belt Buddy is designed to facilitate the quick and efficient removal or replacement of both top and return Idlers. Made of aluminum alloy, the Belt Buddy is very light. Available in any belt width, the Belt Buddy makes changing rolls and idlers on the belt conveyor a quick, easy and safe, one-person task.
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