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MacLean Engineering Introduces New Utility Vehicles

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

MacLean Engineering & Marketing Co. Limited adds two new units to its line of Mine Mate™ underground mobile Service & Support vehicles. The TM-3 Transmixer (shotcrete hauler) and the SS-3 Shotcrete Sprayer facilitate ground support processes in various tunneling and underground mining applications through the transportation and application of wet shotcrete. Testing began in June and the units were officially launched to the public at an Open House event hosted by MacLean Engineering later that month. Initial reviews of the units from key industry players are positive. J.S. Redpath Limited purchased the first Tranmixers out of production; two units are now in operation at Barrick Gold Corporation’s Storm Mine, located approximately 30 miles northwest of Carlin, Elko County, Nevada.
The equipment underwent testing at Fisher Wavy’s underground tunnel. As a leading supplier of concrete products and services in Northern Ontario, Fisher Wavy has seen many shotcrete vehicles come through for testing. “This machine is engineered to function better than any other machine I’ve seen,” says Andrew Wallgren, Operations and Q.C. Manager – Ready Mix/Shotcrete at Fisher Wavy of the SS-3 Shotcrete Sprayer.
Advancements in shotcrete equipment technology, logistics and materials make shotcrete (as an alternative to the traditional bolt and screen method of ground support) a popular trend in mining today. Shotcrete is no longer only used for spot applications but is now standard practice in a modern mine. The TM-3 Transmixer and SS-3 Shotcrete Sprayer allow mines to develop underground areas quickly and safely using highly flexible and durable support materials.
The MacLean TM-3 Transmixer provides high-capacity, high speed transport of wet shotcrete; it is capable of a payload of up to 7.8 cubic yards (6.0 m3). Standard features like the low profile reverse tilt drum make this hauler easily compatible with any spraying unit. Elements such as the large (42” x 23”) charge port, hydraulic discharge door, catwalk with pivoting handrail and accessibility of drum controls (located on the driver’s station plus on the rear of the vehicle) are features that make the TM-3 operator-friendly.
The MacLean SS-3 Shotcrete Sprayer optimizes the latest developments in wet shotcrete materials, additives and spraying processes. The unit accommodates shotcrete composite up to and including 5/8” aggregates, reinforcing fibers and accelerator curing agents. For the most efficient spraying capability, the SS-3 has an adjustable hopper which enhances hauler to sprayer setup conditions, making the unit compatible with all haulers. The unit features a hardwire remote control system and a wireless option is also available. The SS-3 is capable of a spray rate of up to 20 cubic yards per hour (15 m3/hr).
MacLean’s success is attributed to its focus on providing customer-driven solutions through superior mobile Service and Support vehicles. The addition of the TM-3 Transmixer and SS-3 Shotcrete Sprayer supports the growing trend in mining for shotcrete as a standard in mine development (as a primary and secondary ground support application), mine rehabilitation and infrastructure development.
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