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Lifting Equipment Options for Explosion Endangered Areas

Friday, August 28th, 2009

J D Neuhaus manufacture a range of Ex rated handling equipment including hydraulically operated hoists and monorail hoists for safe operation within hazardous and explosion endangered areas. This equipment is the viable economic option where compressed air supplies may not be available, but where hydraulic lines, central hydraulic systems or hydraulic powers supplies currently exist.
With swl capacities up to 100 tonnes, these products operate at intake pressures from 100 to 180 bar (dependent upon motor size), with oil or HFC flame resistant pressure fluids. All units feature encapsulated, robust gear motors with extremely low noise emissions. Integrated overload protection is provided as standard and sensitive, infinitely variable speed control is achieved for all load lift, lower and rail transfer operations. Only two supply connections are made to the hoist, with any oil leakage being drained internally. Hoists up to 20 tonnes carrying capacity also incorporate controlled load-lowering in the event of oil supply failure.
All hoists provide a three metre lift height as standard and are equipped with two metre pendant controllers. The monorail hoists can be supplied in five load ratings from 20 to 100 tonnes, with standard hoists available in eight ratings covering loads from three to 100 tonnes. Special paint finishes, including yellow to identify offshore duties, can also be specified, together with increased spark protection for higher Ex rated operation.
For further information visit: www.jdneuhaus.co.uk

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