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Joy Mining Machinery to Integrate Continental Crushing & Conveying

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

The process of integrating Continental Crushing & Conveying into Joy Mining Machinery will begin immediately.

Mike Sutherlin, President and CEO of Joy Global Inc. said, “We have always intended that crushers and conveyors would become seamless extensions of our P&H and Joy Mining product lines, and therefore sold and supported just as any other product in these divisions. This integration will accelerate our progress in having Joy Mining Machinery and P&H Mining Equipment be the face to the customer for crushing and conveying systems.” P&H will become the exclusive dealer for all surface mining and industrial applications which includes the management of current Continental above-ground distributors.

Mr. Ted Doheny, President of Joy Mining Machinery, will be responsible for all aspects of the crushing and conveying business. Mr. Doheny said, “This integration is a critical step in the long-term achievement and financial contribution of the crushing and conveying products, and is crucial to Joy Global’s success as a full systems supplier.”

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